Mr. Ogembo has developed a keen interest in employment and labour relations and has so far authored the following publications:

Employment Law Guide for Employers

By: George Ogembo
Published By LawAfrica

Employment Law Guide for Employers provides a succinct account of employment law and industrial relations from the employers perspective. The work is written in plain and engaging style making it easy for employers and all other persons tograsp the new developments in employment law and how the industrial Court has interpreted the various provisions of law. This book provides the principal ideas and developments in both the statute and case law which are indispensable to every employer. Apart from employers, it is a suitable text for lawyers, law students and employees.

Digest on Industrial Court Case Law

By: George Ogembo
Published By LawAfrica


This text is a digest of decided cases at the Industrial Court. It exposes the ratio decidendi in each and every decided case with the aim of guiding the Industrial law practitioners and litigants on all aspects of the current Industrial jurisprudence and practice. This Digest is a convenient start point in collating the relevant decisions by the Judges of the Industrial Court from May 2012 to September 2013. The period delimitation is informed by the fact that the Industrial Court was transformed to a Superior Court of Record in the year 2011. The text is relevant as a reference book to labour law practitioners, legal scholars in labour law, Human Resource Managers, law students and the public at large. It is conveniently divided into sub-topics for ease of reference and research.

GEORGE OGEMBO is a holder of LL.B (Hon) Degree from the University of Nairobi and an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya currently pursuing Masters of Law Degree He has been in private practice for over six years and has handled a wide variety of labour law cases at the Industrial Court.